Heroes saved most neighbors’ homes

Reader Input
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I am one of the very fortunate residents in the Northpark subdivision. Fire units arrived as three houses across the court started on fire along with the house next door. By some miracle, the two fire units saved six out of 10 homes on my street, Parkway Place. On the streets on each side of me all houses are gone except for two. That’s eight houses saved out of 30 on the three courts. I give my most heartfelt thanks for the heroic effort by the fire department for what they did and especially to the two units that worked my street, and if you see this message, I would like you to come by and see me sometime so I can thank you once again in person and take you out for great dinner. Thanks again for everything you did, and my deepest heartfelt sympathy to all my neighbors for their losses. I feel so bad that my house survived and you all lost everything. And thank you to the sheriff’s deputy who saved my neighbor across the street. Robert Bangert, Auburn