High-tech upgrades the crowning achievement at Pier 210 Dental Group

Same-day crowns, 3D scanner strengthen periodontal services
By: Gloria Young,
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As he observes his five-year anniversary of owning Pier 210 Dental Group in Auburn, Dr. David Roholt is also celebrating the technical advancements he’s made to the business.
“When I first came here, the office did basic, general dentistry,” he said. “Since then we’ve completely upgraded the office.”
That includes a computer in every room and switching from film x-rays to digital x-rays.
“That reduces a patient’s radiation by 70 percent — a huge reduction,” he said. “It is better for the patient, a better quality of x-ray and you can share it (online) with other doctors.”
Another improvement was installing a dental 3D scanner, used in the treatment planning for implant surgery.
“We can see inside the bones and it’s also all digital,” Roholt said. “Because I do a lot of implant surgery, it was important to have the 3-D scanner. It improves the safety and it allows us to have surgical guide fabrication. It’s safer and more accurate for patients.”
A new CEREC machine cuts the waiting period for crowns.
“It’s a CAD CAM. It mills crowns so we can deliver crowns the same day the patient comes in,” he said.
New diode lasers have brought an improvement in periodontal services.
“It’s healthier for patients and there’s less discomfort,” he said.
Meadow Vista resident Jim Carlisle, a longtime patient at the clinic, experienced some of the new technology in a recent visit.
“The 3D scan supported the fabrication of a precise surgical guide, which allowed exact placement of the implants,” he said in an email. “This enabled Dr. Roholt to make the temporary bridge in advance, so it could be placed at the same time. The surgery was relatively painless and took about an hour for the surgery itself and another hour or so to fit the temporary bridge. These are my first implants so I have no basis for comparison, but it was great to have it all done in one visit.”
In addition to Roholt, the clinic has three other dentists — Drs. Doug Musso, Ed Weiss and the newest associate, Justin Diederichs.
“We keep aware of all the latest technology and are continually going through training so the doctors are up to date and know how to use it,” Roholt said. “It really makes dentistry fun and exciting.”
As he looks ahead, he would like to do even more technology upgrades. He’s looking toward bringing in oral cameras that produce a color scan of a patient’s mouth.
“It’s in use now and we’ll probably be getting that in the office in the next year or two,” he said.
For Roholt, dentistry is artistry.
“When we design cosmetic makeovers for patients, we have to look at not only the shape of their face, we have to look at how it balances with the color of their skin and with how high they smile,” he explained. “Whether they are looking for something very natural or more perfect and white — it’s finding a balance between that. That takes a real artistic eye and a lot of experience.”
Prior to moving to Auburn, Roholt had a dental practice in Monterey for 18 years. He and his family were drawn to the foothills because of weather and the sense of community.
“We had a cabin in Lake of the Pines that we visited for many years to be waterskiing and snow skiing,” he said.
Roholt has taken on an active role in the community, serving on the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Foundation board.
His favorite part of being a dentist?
“I love having patients I’ve known for years,” he said. “I love when we can take a person who is horrified of dentists and turn them around so they actually enjoy coming in.”
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