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Hill Top Project not in keeping with location

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My wife and I reside on Channel Hill Road here in Auburn. Our home is almost directly behind the proposed building site of the Hill Top Center Project. We strongly feel that the current plans for a 142-room, three-story hotel in conjunction with a restaurant, retail complex and 185 outside parking spaces is far too extreme for this area. It would significantly detract from our and our neighbors’ quality of life (loss of privacy, increased noise and traffic) and consequently have a negative impact on our property value. If we had desired to live in the shadow of a large retail development, we would have located down the hill in a more densely populated and developed area, certainly not at our current semi-rural location. We are not opposed to construction at this site but feel that a three-story 142-unit motel in conjunction with a restaurant/retail complex and 185 outdoor parking spaces is far too extensive of a project to be compatible with the connecting established residential area. In addition, we also feel that the elimination of 2.2 acres of the currently existing 2.5 acres of oak woodland (88 percent) is entirely unacceptable. This type of project certainly does not add to the quality of life for our neighbors and us. We also expect that the majority of any employment opportunities created would be at or near the minimum wage level. Other than an increased tax base for the county, where’s the benefit? Thomas and Kathryn Gardinier Auburn