Hillmen football ignites crowds on Friday nights

Our View
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The fever is back at LeFebvre stadium. Fans are packing the Placer High home football games and are rightfully proud. Tonight the mighty Hillmen face Mesa Verde. If you haven’t been to a Placer game this year, check them out. The Placer High football games are a great sports entertainment value, and thousands of area residents are cheering on a winner. Our hometown team is 3-0, after knocking off Casa Roble High School 31-30 last Friday, narrowly defeating a team that was riding a 15-game winning streak. Head Coach Joey Montoya is enjoying a honeymoon period with loyal Hillmen faithful. With coaches Mike Sabins, Bill Miller, Eric Rodarte and others, Montoya, his entire staff and his players have returned the pride and fans by the thousands to home games. In a time when winning seems to be everything, it’s especially important to remember building character is the most important job the coaches have. And judging by the players’ conduct on and off the field, Placer has much to be proud of. In the grandstands at the last home game, however, several parents loudly heckled the referees for extended periods. Principal Peter Efstathiu at one point stood between the rowdy fans and the field. Yes, the referees made some questionable calls and there was an inadvertent whistle at a particularly bad time in a close game. But a few Placer parents were yelling threats about the referees’ ability to safely make it to their cars in the parking lot after the game. That’s just wrong. Whether done in jest or not, parents, like coaches, need to set a good example for students. This isn’t the Oakland Coliseum, it’s LeFebvre stadium. And it’s not the Raiders, but the Hillmen. Placer is a classy school with a classy football team that’s a winner. Let’s all act like our teams have won before, and treat the opposing team, its fans and the referees graciously and with respect. On the field, Placer players can be seen helping up opponents who they have knocked down. The team is playing hard, but with great sportsmanship. Placer team doctor Bill Kirby ran out onto the field at the last home game to look after a Woodcreek player who was injured. That’s an example of how the LeFebrve experience should be for opposing teams. We should treat all kids like they are our own when they are in our house. Many families and fans of opposing teams sit on the Placer side, to hear the announcer and get a better view. Let’s welcome them and politely cheer for their team’s great plays, as well as our own. The Placer Hillmen, led by Dalton Dyer, Josh Klem, Asher Gotzmer, Cameron Southward, Michael Gray and others are a thrilling team that the entire community is extremely proud of. Part of being a winner, though, is being a class act throughout the stadium. Let’s root like crazy for the Hillmen. This looks to be the best team in years. But as a community, let’s treat all of our guests — opposing players, fans and the referees — with respect. Go Placer. Go Hillmen! See ya at the game.