Holbrook’s choices urbanized

Reader Input
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We believe a vote for Scott Holbrook to retain his seat on the Auburn Recreation District board is misguided. Although he proclaims to be a champion for open space, he has consistently voted the other way. For example, he opposed available funding for Hidden Falls Regional Park. He also voted to refuse a gift of 28 acres of hillside woodland because he deemed it to be too steep for a gymnasium or a sports field, never considering opening it up for the simple enjoyment of getting in touch with the beautiful countryside. Since we are blessed with this natural wonderland that is the Auburn area, why not provide trails into open space which would allow people to get healthful exercise while enjoying nature? It is obvious that people desire outdoor exercise in the form of hiking, jogging and bicycling. We see people enjoying these activities daily in the Robie Point area where I live. Oft times they inquire about how to access a trail to the river. To our knowledge the only trail provided by ARD is the Sugar Pine Mountain Trail which is too steep and arduous for the average user.  He endorses the multiple recreational options of pickle ball, softball, Frisbee golf, skate parks, basketball courts, music lessons, dancing, fly-tying, yoga, belly dancing or ping pong, etc. These are urbanized hobbies and activities available anywhere. People are not attracted to this area to be further urbanized. George and Joyce Beland, Auburn