Hold deputy accountable

Reader Input
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I’m very concerned about the public’s view of how much more of a crime the Newcastle CHP committed (Journal, May 13) than the Placer Sheriff committed a few weeks ago. A 2-year-old’s life was lost, and there is nothing being done about it! I did not know that a 2-year-old was responsible for its own safety, or that a sheriff did not know firearm safety enough to keep the gun away from his child. I am very disturbed that the public is ignoring this fact, that the Sheriff’s Office found no wrongdoing. It was a 2-year-old. Who is responsible? The 2-year-old? This really disturbs me that there was not more public outcry. Remember, in the same time period we had the Asian couple leave their infant in the casino parking lot? No death, but they are in jail. The four children burned up in Sacramento by a sad candle mishap, they are in jail, a 2-year -old shot by parent’s gun not in jail and, not found at fault? Wake up people! There is one set of laws for this country, not one for the public and one for law enforcement. FLOYD RUTHERFORD, Auburn