Holidays grim for dog owner

Reader Input
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So I had a dog stolen last weekend. The county got the dog this week and I called them up. They tell me it’s $140 to get him out. I told them I don’t have that and they said that they can hold him for 10 days and after that I get the bill and they put him down because they think he has worms (a cheap fix) or I can sign him over for 40 bucks to be killed. I don’t have $40, either. I only have a couple shifts a week — the economy has hit me hard. But if I can’t pay at all, then they put him down after 10 days from now and charge me the $140 plus $200 for the 10 days. I don’t have family for these holidays. I’m barely making ends meet. This dog is all I really have and the way things are I’m going to have to pay $340 to have my dog put down. This is really hard. I love that dog like my own child. It kept me warm last year when I couldn’t find work and was living in my truck and I just have to pass the days waiting for them to kill a family member. And then I get the bill. Does anyone know anything I can do? Chris Gidcumb, Auburn