Holidays remind what truly matters most

Reader Input
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My father’s thyroid cancer had been in remission for eight years but suddenly came back with a vengeance. We had a Christmas gathering planned for Dec. 12 before he became ill a week earlier. Rather than cancel the get-together, he still wanted to have the party. In one week’s time, he could no longer work, walk, hold a cup and could barely talk. It seemed like he aged 10 years in one week’s time. We kept it simple and ordered pizza to be delivered. No gifts were exchanged. I think it took all of his strength to be there with us that day, because he passed away the very next day. I do believe that “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” Thank you to all who have been involved in our lives and helping us raise our children. Keith and I could not have done it all without the help of many people in our community. Auburn is loaded with many genuine, kind and supportive people. I feel fortunate that our girls have grown up in this community and have a family of friends. Holidays for me are a time to reflect a bit and think about what truly matters most, and to me it is family, friends and a supportive community! Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn