Holmes, Powers are ‘visionaries’

Reader Input
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Mike Holmes and Bridget Powers are two visionaries who should be re-elected to the Auburn City Council. While others pursue a strictly defensive political posture and adhere to shopworn political precepts, Mike and Bridget are reaching out to all peoples to collaboratively make Auburn a better city. They have beautified the Downtown. Additionally, both are working hard to retrofit the Auburn Wastewater Treatment Plant for the health of the community and the likelihood of returning salmon and steelhead to the Auburn Ravine. In a perfect world Auburn would now pay the $140 million to connect to the Lincoln Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant and, may yet do so with their lobbying efforts in Washington D. C., but they are working collaboratively to make the plant workable now. They do what they need to do now while envisioning the future. They are both supporting the efforts to restore anadromous fishes which will have incredible tourist possibilities, bringing spending to Auburn, and they both support a local 501 3 to raise millions of dollars for fish ladders and fish screens, creating jobs which will profit the Auburn area. Vote for Mike and Bridget, who are working in the present, eyeing the future. JACK L. SANCHEZ, Auburn