Home invasion: Cancer patient robbed at gunpoint in Auburn apartment for pills

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An Auburn woman was robbed at gunpoint inside her Dorer Drive fourplex unit this morning in what police are calling a home invasion. The woman said that one man pointed a handgun six inches from her face after they broke her door open. One moment she was playing solitaire on her iPod and the next she was sitting on her sofa with two intruders standing in her living room yelling, “Give me the pills.” “It took my earplugs out and they rushed at me,” the woman said. “He put the gun close to my face while the other guy stood there looking around the room. He kept saying, “Where are the pills.” Auburn Police said two men wearing ski masks and dressed in black forced entry into the woman’s apartment at about 12:25 a.m. and confronted her with a semi-automatic handgun. As a victim of a violent crime and a potential witness, the 56-year-old woman is not being identified by name. A cancer patient who also suffers from a disease of the nervous system, the woman said she is prescribed oxycontin for pain – the result of several surgeries. The woman said that she had no idea why the robbers targeted her and wondered whether the fact that she had oxycontin slipped out in a casual conversation days or even weeks before. When the second robber began to move through her fourplex unit, she told them where a bottle of oxycontin was. “They weren’t looking for money,” she said. As the two fled the apartment with the bottle, the second man also took the woman’s cell phone, police said. The two disappeared on foot after leaving the 100-block Dorer Drive apartment. The woman was not physically harmed in the robbery. “The police got here like that,” the woman said, snapping her fingers. “There were four or five cop cars searching. I really appreciate the police. They did so good.” The victim said she spent a sleepless light inside her apartment, with a door that would no longer lock. “I’ll never forget those his eyes or his eyebrows,” the woman said. Fearful of another robbery, she said she would put her pills in a bank safe deposit box and take them out as they are needed. She had lived at the fourplex for the past year and had never had anything similar happen, the woman said. Pat Childs, a resident of the quiet neighborhood near Recreation Park where the robbery took place in, said Friday afternoon that he was surprised by the brazen home invasion. “This is such a quiet neighborhood,” Childs said. “I thought that stuff happened in bigger cities. I guess you just don’t know nowadays.” Childs said he moved to Auburn from Oakland five years ago. ”We love it here,” Childs said. “We thought we left it all behind.”