Home Show exhibitors extend helping hand

Some businesses to offer discounts, special services to fire victims
By: Gloria Young, Journal Staff Writer
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The Auburn Fall Home Show brings together hundreds of businesses and contractors displaying the latest in home improvement. But this year, arriving just a month after the 49 Fire destroyed 63 homes in North Auburn, the three-day extravaganza will include some special help to victims of the disaster. “As soon as we heard about the fire, I e-mailed and contacted our exhibitors to see if there was anything they wanted to do for the fire victims,” said Lani Horan, owner and producer of the home show. “They came back within seconds. I was getting a ton of e-mail.” Horan declined to provide specifics on the discounts, but will have a list available in the office during the event. “They must have some substantiation that they were a fire victim (to get a copy of the list),” Horan said. One of the participating businesses will be Yamasaki Nursery, which was caught in the blaze and sustained landscaping damage. Owners Brad and Keri Roeder initially used a garden hose to fight the flames. “The swiftness of the blaze going from the origin to Schultz Tire Factory, which is right across the street from us on Locksley Lane, was within minutes,” Keri Roeder said. “The winds were very strong that day.” As the Roeders sprayed the property, firefighters came by in a truck and doused the flames. “They asked me to keep the hose on it, but the fire broke out again and was going toward the garden center truck,” she said. Keri Roeder was able to move the truck out of the fire’s path. Then help arrived, including some Placer High students, she said. Not long after that, an employee from nearby Quality Automotive brought over a fire hydrant hose. While Brad Roeder helped fight the fire that consumed the Harley Davidson shop across the street, Keri Roeder and her helpers kept flames away from the nursery building. “At the point, we found out that one of our foremen had lost his house and he had four of his children living with him,” Roeder said. “Our focus shifted to him. But we stayed at our business until after 8 p.m. because smoldering tires continued (at Schultz Tire) until then.” The Roeders count themselves lucky to have lost only landscaping, “which you can fix,” Keri Roeder said. “I really commend the firefighters and first responders where we were at the fire,” she said. “They did a phenomenal job. Having watched the winds that day and knowing how hot it was, they did the best job they could.” Because the blaze had such a personal impact, the Roeders plan to offer victims of the fire a free landscape design plan once their homes are rebuilt and they’re ready to tackle the yard. “If we’re awarded the job, we’ll do our best to do it at the lowest cost possible,” she said. Yamasaki Nursery will be located in the forest walk area of the Home show, where the Roeders will display unique plant material and garden art, as well as a new-on-the-market vermi-composting kit. Also new to the this year’s Fall Home Show will be artisan slate pavers from A&A Stepping Stone that create better drainage, as well as an affordable do-it-yourself barbecue island kit, Horan said. Special features include appearances by HGTV’s Designed to Sell host Shane Tallant, a Best Buy electronics display and seminars by landscaper Jim Gloria of Outdoor Living. “It will be a little smaller, but a very strong show,” Horan said. “It’s still the largest in Northern California.” Gloria Young can be reached at