Homeless but not giving up

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I am homeless in the Auburn Airport area. I lost my job, my home and vehicles. I even lost my  little dog — my partner of 12 years — to violence out here.
What I haven’t lost  is my morals. I’m not a drunk, drug fiend or thief. The only law I’ve been in trouble with is Murphy’s (and that one — boy howdy!).
The “odds and ends” shelter I’ve been putting up (using “homed” people’s detritus) is for something I can lock, as I’ve often been victim of theft as well.
I’m just a person trudging through loss and loss and loss, and trying to keep the will to do so.
I only ask your consideration, not your condemnation, for acts not of my doing. If anything, I’m extra eyes and ears in the area.
Bob Rowe, Auburn