Homeschooling works for her

Reader Input
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I’ve never understood why some — if not most — people think homeschooling is somehow less effective than public or private school. I was homeschooled, and it gave me an immense love for reading and learning. I taught myself from books and the Internet how to play five different instruments. My family learned nearly everything by using curriculum, and we’d have homework because studying and writing helped the facts root themselves in our minds. Assignments were given, and we’d be expected to finish them on time. We worked hard, and we loved it. For some reason, people seem to think homeschoolers don’t have any friends, as if we’re secluded from any and all “outsiders.” I’ve been asked if I have friends on multiple occasions. Yes, I do. I have friends just like anyone else, and they aren’t just around my age like kids are restricted to in schools; they’re small children, the elderly and everywhere in between. I’m not shy like people might think; I love getting to know people at a deeper level. It’s like watching a rose unfold its petals before my eyes. Homeschooling isn’t brainwashing. It’s challenging and fun, and I wouldn’t trade those 13-plus years for the world. Emily Allbritain, Foresthill