Hook up with Lincoln plant

Reader Input
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Fifty-plus years ago the Auburn City Council made a huge mistake. They rejected the annexation of the Bowman area into our sewer system. I have not met any civic leader who denies the fact that this was extremely shortsighted as it forever set the stage for the bifurcation of Auburn. It also sentenced the rate-payers of Auburn and Sewer Maintenance District 1 to perpetually higher rates than we would have if there was only one Auburn sewer plant instead of two small plants. Small foothill plants have been shown to cost significantly more and pay fines more often than large sewer plants on the valley floor. After millions of lost dollars, we are presented a remedy to needlessly high rates. All we have to do is build a pipeline to Lincoln and the cost to treat the sewage will be much lower forever. Yes, we have to pay for the pipe but it will last for over 70 years and we don’t have to pay fines for polluting our local creeks. Another giant plus is that the county government has a plan to make it virtually painless by keeping Auburn’s and others’ rates at their present levels. Let’s hope this City Council has better vision as they can clearly see the mistakes of the past. Bob Snyder, Auburn