Hopley responds to bridge barrier letter

Reader Input online
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In response to the letter from Kenneth & Launa Jones: Are you so naive to think that putting up a barrier on one structure will prevent a person, bent on committing suicide, from completing the act at another location or by some other method? Are we to put barriers on EVERY structure where is person may commit suicide? -Do we cut down every tree to keep them from hanging themselves? -Do we keep them from taking a bath to prevent them from drowning themselves in a bathtub? -Do we prevent them shaving because they may slash themselves? I could go on and on. My point is...there is help out why do we need to pay for all the preventive measures (barriers) when we are already paying or subsidizing mental health care that is provided to people feeling stressed or suicidal? I say all of this to say.....I do have compassion and empathy for anyone who is ill and/or suffering from suicidal feelings....but many sources of FREE help is available. Thank you, Regina Hopley