Hospital’s new imaging unit through the roof

Sutter Auburn Faith installs high definition MRI system
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A new MRI system installed this week will enhance diagnostic imaging services at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. On Friday, the hospital, an affiliate of Sutter Health, took delivery of a Signa EchoSpeed High Definition 1.5T Short Bore Chamber MRI system from GE Healthcare. The MR system features the highest level of software available and offers improved image quality and imaging speed over older models in the community. This remarkable advance in MR technology will complement and extend the range of quality diagnostic services at Sutter Auburn Faith, officials said in a press release. Diagnostic imaging is used to examine the inside of the human body to learn what is happening within. Imaging exams show the structure and functions of skeletal bones and surrounding soft tissue organs including the heart, thyroid, lungs and liver. These exams, performed without any radiation exposure to the patient, help provide early detection of many diseases, often before the patient experiences symptoms. When an abnormality is discovered, the physician can diagnose the problem and provide an optimal treatment plan. “Today’s technology plays a critical role in patient diagnosis and treatment,” said Mitch Hanna, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital CEO. “The more advanced the diagnostic tool, the better physicians can reach a confident diagnosis and provide the best patient care.” The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital is equipped with the most modern and effective diagnostic imaging technology available today, officials said. Other diagnostic services include two CAT scanners (computerized tomography), two ultrasound units, two nuclear medical units, three X-ray rooms, a cardiac catheterization/vascular lab and digital mammography. “Patients will not only benefit with the addition of the new MR unit due to the highly advanced software, but also from its much faster scanning capability and the modified short bore chamber that is more comfortable for claustrophobic patients when undergoing a scan,” Hanna said. The unit’s go-live date will be in October.