Hospital unveils second-floor remodel

Sutter Auburn Faith project includes cosmetic and technological updates
By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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A just-completed renovation of Sutter Auburn Faith’s second-floor is being unveiled today. The project, which includes cosmetic and technological updates, is the first component of a $18.6 million facelift for the facility, Chief Administrative Officer Mitch Hanna said. The hospital was constructed in 1966 and the second floor added during the 1970s. This is the first remodel since then, he said. The work, which began last summer, included new windows, flooring and wall coverings. “We’re doing it in sections because we don’t want to interrupt patient care,” Hanna said. As part of the remodel, the hospital is changing most of the rooms from semi-private to private. That’s one of the favorite aspects for Dr. Joshua Hantman, director of Sutter Auburn Faith’s hospitalist program. “It’s like a dream come true for doctors,” Hantman said. “From the time I started (at Sutter Auburn Faith) seven years ago, I’ve always felt it would be great to have private rooms to be able to have confidential conversations with patients and their families.” The remodel also includes the installation of mechanical lift systems. “We’re the first hospital in the Sutter system to install those in every patient room,” Hanna said. “It’s a two-fold purpose — to ensure patients are kept mobile to reduce the incidence of bed sores, and to minimize potential injuries to the staff.” Another advance is providing cardiac monitoring — telemetry — in every patient’s room. Prior to the remodel, the second floor had 35 medical beds and 12 telemetry units. Now it has a total of 31 beds, all with telemetry access, Hanna said. “That means we don’t have to move patients around as much if they need to start the monitor or be taken off the monitor,” Hantman said. In conjunction with the telemetry expansion, there will be additional cardiac training for nurses, he added. “I’ve been told by a lot of patients they feel like they’re getting great care,” Hantman said. “It’s an older hospital but we give great care. I’m really excited the outward appearance is going to reflect the level of care.” Architects for the project were HGA in Roseville. The contractor was Grass Valley firm Streamline Construction. With the first phase completed, the remodel of the first floor, which includes the surgical area, will begin. “We hope to have the patient room upgrades completed by the first quarter of 2011,” Hanna said. “But the operating rooms will take longer because of the complexity and the need for state review (of the plans).” Completion of the operating room renovations will likely be 2013, he said. Half of the second-floor remodel has been completed and back to housing patients for awhile. And response has been very positive. “(The rooms) are aesthetically very pleasing,” Hanna said. “There are new window coverings with interior shades. All of the bathrooms have been tiled. The flooring is a beautiful parquet. There are flat-screen TVs. We’re going to be able to provide educational programs to staff in addition to the usual satellite coverage.” This month, the Sutter Health System presented Sutter Auburn Faith with the President’s Award for Outstanding quality. “It’s a new award that acknowledges the hospital with the highest quality results,” Hanna said. Gloria Young can be reached at