How hikers can celebrate the Earth

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The Journal asked Eric Peach, conservation chairman with Protect American River Canyons, what five things hikers could do to celebrate the Earth as part of Earth Day, which is today, and all year round. Peach said: 1. Just by the fact that you are out there hiking (you are helping the Earth). It’s better than other modes of transportation, such as driving a car. 2. Our canyons are cleaner than they have been in decades. It’s like we have got paradise in our backyards here. Hikers can pick up trash they see on trails to continue maintenance. 3. Take a look at a good field guidebook to learn about the flora and fauna all around you. 4. Responsible hiking includes not cutting the trails and creating new trails that could cause erosion. 5. Take friends and young people out on the trails. Share your knowledge with others about the trails and natural habitats. ~Bridget Jones