How to make California safe

Reader Input
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We are saddened by the devastation in Japan but we should look at the bright side. We got the wake-up call that nuclear power is not perfect and an accident may cause the loss of life. We should take every step possible to preserve lives so the fact that “Every community located in a zone a couple of miles deep along the coast has been obliterated by the tsunami” does not happen here. The thought of saving the costal populations brings joy to me personally. We should start immediately moving the entire population of California at least five miles inland to save future generations from possible similar devastating effects. And while we are at it, we need the president to step forward and put an immediate moratorium on any electricity generated by nuclear power. We cannot take the risk of any accident or loss of life … turn off the power today that comes from nuclear power. Just think of all the government jobs that would be created. Movers and packers and then the thousands of people to tear down the structures built by man and returning the land to nature. John T. Nightingale, Auburn