How to protest the $150 fire fee

Reader Input
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I was glad to see the coverage on the fire prevention fee, but would like to expand on how to protest it (“Residents confused, angered upon receipt of fire fee notice,” Journal, Oct. 9).
The front-page article did not provide the website address for the petition that is referred to in Sen. Ted Gaines’ memo.
That website is and is sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.
I recommend (everyone) completely read the entire part entitled “Refund.” Be sure to not only get your check mailed on time with the memo “paid under protest,” but also make four copies (three to send to the different places listed, and one to keep).
Sen. Gaines tells us that this fee/tax was not established legally. Whether this “tax” is the best way to help the whole fire protection issue or not is something that should be further debated openly and brought to the voters.
This is supposed to be a nation where things are voted on, not where extra “fees” are crammed down our throats. That type of “government” is becoming all too common.
Holly Dolkas, Auburn