How to restore US economy?

Reader Input
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I grew up during the Great Depression and WWII, and while (President Franklin) Roosevelt provided relief, it took the war — full mobilization — to put us back to work. Today, with 14 million Americans unemployed and a record 46 million on food stamps, according to the Associated Press, it might well require big government to restore our economy. But, there’s a huge price for that, also. In a Newsweek article, the American Society of Engineers estimates $2.2 trillion (is needed) to restructure our roads, schools, transit, bridges etc. over a five year period — a “key measure of global competitiveness and sound investment.” However, the World Bank pegs our GDP at only $14.5 trillion. This begins to sound like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. To “Rebuild America,” we could issue more debt which, in turn, fuels interest rates and further debt creating a black hole of sorts. Or, we could threaten any chance of a job recovery by raising taxes through the roof. Or, we could print reams of money — “counterfeit” as Sen. Ron Paul calls it — which is inflationary, devalues currency and wipes out people’s retirements. I hope someone comes up with a better idea. BILL HARDER SR., Auburn