How-to swing a golf club

Head golf pro offers tips to get your swinging on par
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Editor’s Note: Sports reporter Sara Seyydin caught up with Shawn Kelly, head golf professional at the The Ridge Golf Course in Auburn, last Friday for lessons on how-to swing a golf club for a new how-to feature in Journal Sports. A summary of his basic tips and instructions follow. Basic fundamentals for mastering the perfect golf swing: 1) Grip- Having a balanced grip is the foundation of a great golf swing. Hands should be stacked, one above the other, with a soft grip pressure. Most of the club’s weight should be resting on the pad of the hand, below the pinky, not the thumb. The weight of the club should feel even and balanced when you hold it out in front of you. Balance is more important than a particular hand position. 2) Aim the club face- Start by drawing an imaginary line from the ball to your target. The club should be positioned perpendicular to the imaginary line, therefore aimed toward the target. 3) Set your body in a ready athletic position- After standing behind the ball and eyeing it, assume an athletic stance, with legs about hip width apart and knees bent so that the shoulders are slightly forward and hips extend back. 4) Swing- Keeping your eye on the ball the entire time, swing with a sweeping, high arc behind you. The club should make contact with the golf ball and the ground, taking a slight chip or divot out of the green. Grip should continue to be relaxed. Follow through with the swing, so that you finish with the same arc on the opposite side. The club should land pointed toward the sky, slightly behind you. Your eyes should follow the ball through its trajectory. Reach Sara Seyydin at