How well do water-wise rules work?

Reader Input
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Re: Placer County Water Agency, water-wise program I have handed out PCWA’s pamphlet, Water-Wise House Call Program, to many folks in the Auburn area. How is that program working for PCWA? A couple things about the pamphlet nag at me. The first being I don’t believe it is pro-active enough to comply with AB1881. The second thing that bothers me about it is that the watering run times are based on Sacramento Valley Region. The soil in Auburn and surrounding (areas) is mostly clay. Homeowners who are watering their turf daily are overwatering even if they use your chart. Turf in clay soil should be watered as such that the clay has a break from water penetration. Clay soil will appear dry at the top but will still have moisture at the root zone. If that root zone is kept wet, turf is more susceptible to turf diseases. Homeowners try to correct the problem by using chemicals on their lawns. Eventually those chemicals do leach into our water sources. The “remember to change your irrigation timer seasonally” is a good suggestion on the pamphlet. But homeowners need to take in current weather when changing their timers. This spring with the rain and cool temperatures irrigation should have been cut back and/or none at all. Over the last six months I have researched water-wise programs that are being implemented by other water sources and cities. In reviewing the information I feel that PCWA is not really being pro-active about water-wise landscaping. With the current Bear River Canal break, people have got to wake up to their poor water consumption. Again, I would be interested to know how the water-wise program is working. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista