How to you spell relief? FDR tax

Reader Input
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No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room. Our national debt is huge and much of it I hear is owned by China. It is time to do something drastic. I propose a new Federal Debt Reclamation (FDR) tax of 5 percent on all advertising in the state. Monies would go to a special fund to buy some of the debt from the federal government. The State of California would have income from the interest on the debt but could not touch the funds without a two-thirds majority vote from the people of California. The state and feds have to iron out their own problems but we, the people, can do something. At least then when I watch stupid political ads I would know a small piece of it is doing some good. Let us take responsibility for the debt and at least bring some of it home instead of being held by foreign countries. Big business will balk at this FDR Tax as it will eventually be an excuse to raise prices but it will not affect the small business owner as greatly who relies on word of mouth and reliable service for his and her success. California is a place of innovation and we can lead the country in bringing this debt home. Reif Erickson, Auburn