HR 3521 erodes proper balances

Reader Input
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H.R. 3521 (Line-Item Veto and Rescissions Act), recently passed by the House, is yet another big hit to our Constitution. Even though Congress would still have to approve such rescissions, it would have to do so very quickly with rigorous procedures. This bill is a slap to the face of our founding fathers and a hit on our system of checks and balances. It erodes proper legislative branch authorities and shifts even more power to our president (king). It is yet another case of Congress abdicating its proper role to the executive branch and eliminating the separation of powers. Congress continues to shirk its duty in declaring wars (except on U.S. citizens) and is now incrementally giving the purse strings over to our all-powerful kings. Sad to say that even Congressman (Tom) McClintock voted for this travesty. He should be reminded of his sworn oath of office and to what he is supposed to defend. His predecessor (John Doolittle) eventually lost the support of my wife and I as he seemed to progressively forget about his oath. Dennis and Janis Frelick, Greenwood