Hunters are stewards of the outdoors

Reader Input
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Kids have been hunting since the beginning of life on this planet. It’s a way of helping to feed our families. Hunters supply the most money and volunteer the most time to conservation of the outdoors. Elk and deer herds have never been healthier, thanks to the efforts of hunters. I know of no hunter who enjoys “the pleasure of watching the agonies of a wounded deer while it dies.” Hunters are the most ethical and moral people I have met. No ethical hunter will intentionally take a shot at a deer unless it will produce a quick, clean kill. We don’t run around in the woods “slaughtering” everything in sight. I have hunted a whole season, and seen plenty of deer, but went home empty-handed because I couldn’t make a clean, ethical shot. Mr. Love (Reader Input, Aug. 28), the meat you see in the grocery store wrapped in cellophane came from a once living, breathing animal. That meat also contains hormones, steroids and who knows what else. When I take an organic deer, all of the meat is consumed. These kids Mr. Love refers to should be commended on their ethics, morals and responsibilities of being a hunter. We are the stewards of the outdoors. They know the responsibilities of safe gun handling. I applaud them all. John Clapperton, Newcastle