Hunting just plain wrong

Reader Input
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Re: “Modern hunting morbid, unfair,” (Reader Input, Oct. 11). I don’t just think hunting that way is unfair, I think hunting an animal is just not right. I don’t think the animal should have been shot in the first place. If anyone is going to go shooting they should at least not make them suffer. I agree that the use of high technology has made the “contest” into little more than shooting apples in a barrel. Where’s the sport in such a terrible activity? I can understand that we need food, but it sickens me that someone would kill an animal and then hang its head on the wall, or stuff it. I don’t think anyone would like it if a deer was standing outside his doorstep with a scoped rifle in its hooves waiting to shoot him and hang his head on his walls! Mainly, the only reason deer are there is to get food from your garden. I agree that wildlife does not belong in your home; they belong in the wild so others can enjoy their beauty. JENNY KOCH, student, Auburn