Hypocritical to remove domestic geese

Reader Input
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What is a sanctuary? According to the dictionary, “a place where wildlife is protected from being destroyed by predators or human beings.” Meadow Vista has been designated as a bird sanctuary for many years. Should we remove the sign which is placed where you enter the city limits (Journal, July 29)? Are we liars or hypocrites? I say both. I once had a bird drop poop on my head. Should we shoot them all out of the trees? Should we remove them from the park? I also have been hit on the head with an acorn while a squirrel was gathering them to eat. Gosh! Let’s remove the squirrels. We’re already using CO2 to kill the gophers. Where will it end? Let’s allow nature to be nature. That’s the whole purpose of a park. Thank goodness we have such a lovely park where we can walk, picnic, listen and watch nature at its best. God bless our public parks and God bless America. Diana Adams, Meadow Vista