I’m living in the wrong district

Reader Input
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As I read the headlines of the Wednesday, Aug. 18 Auburn Journal I wished that I was in district number 4 instead of 5. Why, you ask? Well, if I were in the 4th District, I could proudly sign the petition to recall the unelected (Supervisor Kirk) Uhler. The main thing that I recall about this person was the rude and terrible manner which he displayed in a meeting when scolding the late gentleman Hal Rubin who was only wanting to make a legitimate point. His actions were such that he should never be allowed to represent again. He now is in an unelected post which (Assemblyman) Ted Gaines recommended him for and that is too bad as I had up to that point liked Gaines. I now see Gaines as a very poor judge of character and will not be able support him, either. By the way, I am very pleased with my current supervisor, Jennifer Montgomery in District 5. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn