Identity theft victim offers his thanks

Reader Input
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Although my story has been told (Journal, Feb. 3) and people are aware of things that can happen to you because of one person’s actions, I don’t feel that the whole story is out. If it weren’t for Susan Hasick, Placer County Department of Health and Human Services, who for eight years pursued this matter with fraud investigators in her office; John Troung, Heritage Oaks hospital in Sacramento, who filed fraud charges on my behalf; Detective Jeanine Larose with Sacramento P.D., and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” Detective Jim Hudson of Auburn, who arrested (Joseph) Kidd within three hours, this would still be ongoing. Joe Kidd was on parole in California when his parole officer gave him a prison I.D. as Lawrence E. Smith. It allowed him to get married at the Placer County Courthouse in Auburn. His parole was then transferred to Arkansas, where his wife now lives and is still trying to have their marriage annulled. Please give these dedicated, very underpaid individuals the credit they deserve. Because of them, and the many people like them, we live in the United States of America!  Thank you. Lawrence E. Smith, Lehigh Acres, Florida