If I were Wal-Mart, I’d sue Auburn

Reader Input
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I have a hard time understanding what Lee Lively (Alliance for Protection of our Auburn Community Environment) means by “alert the citizenry about what’s going on,” (Journal, Aug. 24). What is going on? Looks like someone is trying to develop his property (Bohemia project) that he purchased (was zoned commercial). It’s a free country with the proper zoning. What is the difference between that property and all of the others that have been developed along Highway 49 (Raley’s, Target, etc.)? Looks like it is a win-win situation for Auburn and its citizenry — more jobs and tax revenue. I have heard all of the arguments about more traffic (I don’t see that one because people will travel right by there on their way down the hill with their dollars), loss of jobs (they will hire more people than are lost), Wal-Mart is a terrible company (lower wages and benefits — how many of our local existing employees make more money than Wal-Mart will offer and how many work enough hours to get any benefits?) If I were Wal-Mart, I’d sue Auburn for discrimination. The only people who don’t want this project are the ones living next to it because they weren’t bright enough to realize something would eventually be built there. They would be against anything there. Maybe they shouldn’t have moved there if they are that set against living close to a commercial property. Too bad we couldn’t all vote on it! Larry Miller, Colfax