Ignore warming at own peril

Reader Input
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Regarding the March 5 letter in The Journal: “Get the facts right or forget it.” In 2000, President George W. Bush signed into law the National Energy Policy Act “to establish a national energy policy that will quickly reduce the generation of C02 and trace gases as quickly as feasible in order to slow the pace and degree of atmospheric warming … to protect the global environment. If President Bush believes in global warming, how can we now deny it is real? There are literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies that are unanimous in their conclusion that global warming, or if you prefer global climate change, is being caused by human activity, primarily the burning of fossil fuels. The main reason there is fear, uncertainty and doubt around this issue is the sustained and burgeoning campaign being waged by and surreptitiously financed by primarily big oil and big coal. So, seek your facts from true scientists who have nothing to gain and question those whose ideas have caused you to label global warming — science fiction. If we continue to listen to the naysayers while ignoring and/or disparaging warnings from the true scientific experts, nothing will be done and we will be doomed to witness the results of this global experiment. Steve Pettit, Auburn