Illegals cost nation dearly

Reader Input
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I recently attended a public forum on illegal immigration at Sierra College. The panel was comprised of the Honorable Cruz Reynoso (former California supreme court justice), the consul general of Mexico and three college professors. The panel “sugar-coated” the benefits of illegal immigration and neglected to discuss the negatives. Three of those negatives are unemployment, cost issues and crime. In our nation’s depressed economy, 7 million illegals hold jobs needed by 16 million unemployed Americans. On the state level, the cost for services, incarceration, etc., for illegals tops $10 billion, which is a huge portion of our failed budget. The third topic never addressed was the issue of crime. When a foreigner crosses our borders without proper papers, it is an infraction. The majority of undocumented then acquire fraudulent documents, which is considered a felony, but rarely prosecuted. Our state prisons are bulging with over 20,000 illegal felons who have committed serious crimes. Most disturbing is that on an average day nationwide, 25 Americans are killed by illegals; 12 are murdered and 13 are killed by illegals driving drunk. According to Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (, 45,000 citizens have been slain since 2006, when the organization first began keeping records. Where is the outrage? Unfortunately, our politicians continue to accommodate pro-illegal groups, including unscrupulous hirers of illegal workers. Too bad enforcing our immigration laws and protecting American lives are not important priorities. TERRY MOSS, Roseville