Inaction has consequences

Reader Input
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Recently I invited a young couple to a meeting of the local tea party. They must have been expecting a room full of wild-eyed seditious hell-raisers. “My God,” the young lady cried out in dismay, “they’re old.” Fortunately, I was able to tackle her before she got out the door. The other whippersnapper was too quick for me. Got clean away. I must be getting old. It is true, however, that many of us in that room have bought our last refrigerator and that begs the question, why? Why do we bother? Why not just stay home and watch Oprah go downhill? We are there because in our lifetimes we have watched the abuse of governmental authority increase to the point that has left many of us stunned. Our government as it stands today has utter contempt for our Constitution, the compact that was written, not to control the people but to control the power of government and that is why they hate it so. We stood by as Washington picked our pockets, and gave our money to every two-bit tyrant on the planet so they would love us. Ooh, that went well. They have spent our money on brain-dead, idiotic schemes that don’t even exist in fiction to the point that we are all looking down into an economic abyss of historic proportions. Probably the most damaging thing they have done is to change one word. At one time a family in financial hardship was offered a temporary hand up. We called it relief. No one was proud of it and got off relief as soon as possible. The word was changed from relief to entitlements and overnight a temporary hand-up became a permanent entitlement way of life. Slick, huh? And the sad fact is this is our own fault. We knew it was wrong and we let it happen. Actions have consequences and so does inaction. We are there, not so much for us, but for our children and grandchildren, who will not enjoy the lives we have enjoyed. At this point all the tea party can do is shine the light of awareness on these bandits, and Americans of all ages must inform themselves, stand up and say enough is enough! JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle