Infrastructure important to community safety

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“Infrastructure,” means roads, bridges, dams, levees. When candidates talk about the importance of building and maintaining infrastructure, I know what that means to the quality and safety of our communities, and our lives. Mickey Harrington, a candidate for State Assembly, recently referred to “personal infrastructure.” More and more, this is the fundamental difference between candidates — and issues that persuade my vote. “Personal infrastructure” refers to programs that support people. I want to know candidate positions on: (1) all aspects of education including providing necessary resources to support public K-12, affordable access to higher education, funding for trades, music and arts; (2) affordable and fully accessible (no pre-existing conditions clauses) health care; (3) public service opportunities including peace corps, military, domestic relief projects, community projects — and incentives for people who dedicate time to critical public service endeavors. Students from around the world come to America to attend our universities; yet fewer and fewer of our students are ready to enter the same system from high school. How can we evolve as a culture, a nation or as people while we accept war as a natural condition, and while education and health care are privileges to those who can afford them. Government is not responsible for making every citizen the best person s/he can be. But it is in the best interest of a nation to give its citizens a wide range of opportunities to serve their communities and their country, and to realize their individual and collective potential. I am committed to candidates who support the building, maintenance and development of personal infrastructure programs. Kathy Widing Grass Valley