Infrastructure problems can’t just be wished away

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Re: Annexation is a way¦ by Gordon Ainsleigh, Feb. 24. Mr. Ainsleigh assumes that the people in Penryn are not as xenophobic as he. Take a look around Meadow Vista. One school is closed and the other is so full it must turn away new students. There won't be any sports teams in his town if things keep going the way they are. I would rather have a developer that pays fees rather than a bunch of realtors skirting the law with unscrupulous secret subdivsions. The cream of the crop is a ridiculous notion. Does it mean only people meeting a certain criteria would be allowed in his town? He says God, this is nice. But I bet he doesn't say that as Meadow Vista's roads and infrastructure fail. Make room in your life boats Meadow Vista, others want in. What a pity. Charles E. Robb Auburn