Inhumane pet euthanasia

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As a registered nurse and animal lover, I have seen many terrible things in my life. I have seen people die tragically and violently. I have seen videos and witnessed animals slaughtered and shot. I have had my own animals die in my arms when it was their time to go. In other words ?.I am not easily rattled. There is a three-minute clip of dogs being euthanized in a gas chamber using carbon monoxide shown on HBO. Seeing this clip has changed me as a person forever. When the dogs (and cats) are placed in the gas chamber, they are confused, quiet. They are often placed inside in large groups to save time and money. When the gas is turned on, they cry, howl, scream, bark and yowl. They claw desperately at the sides of the chamber. I have read that it takes up to 30 minutes for them to completely die. People who do this job report severe problems with their psychological well-being. In one blog, a man wrote, ?I?m going to hell, I know that I am.? Why should our fellow humans be subjected to even perform a job like this? Currently there are 39 states that allow and use the gas chamber as opposed to a lethal injection. Holly Gilstrap, Georgetown