Initiative will save big time

Reader Input
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Ron Briggs is a five-term El Dorado County supervisor. He and his father, former State Senator John Briggs, and other family members organized the 1978 ballot initiative that gave California its present death penalty law. Ron recently wrote an LA Times op/ed announcing that he and his father and brother-in-law have decided that our death penalty is a fiscal monster that hurts the very victims it was intended to protect. He said they support the SAFE California Initiative to abolish the death penalty in California. Briggs wrote, “Each of us remains a staunch Republican Conservative, but our perspectives on the death penalty have changed. We’d thought we would bring California savings and safety dealing with convicted murderers. Instead, we have contributed to a nightmarish system that coddles murderers and enriches lawyers.” Ron Briggs quoted one of his father’s favorite sayings: “Facts are stubborn things.” An initiative will be on the ballot in November to abolish the death penalty and use some of the money saved to apprehend murderers and rapists more effectively. “Facts are stubborn things.” I urge Placer voters to look at the facts and support the SAFE California Initiative. Paul W. Comiskey, Newcastle