Insist that local business share the work

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to the April 29 front-page article by Gus Thomson featuring Jim Holmes and the Wal-Mart. Short of getting political, my question is what is Jim and the clairvoyant board (of supervisors) going to do to guarantee that Wal-Mart uses local engineers and contractors to help complete their project? We did not see too much or anything from Home Depot, and those who tried did not fare too well. We have been a small engineering/contractor in Auburn for the past 12 years. Many small contractors have gone out of business due to the economy. Is it too much to ask that the county require a 25 percent local small business participation as part of the permitting process? Jim recently spoke at the PCCA annual dinner with Ted Gaines and came across as the champion for small businesses in Placer County, so let’s see some help from the board and the PCCA. Gary H. Hall P.E., president, GHH Engineering, Inc., Auburn