Install airport gate guards

Reader Input
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A few weeks ago they were talking about renaming the airport in honor of Col. Bud Anderson. I personally like the idea, but think it would cause a lot of problems. I’ve had the honor of having lunch with the colonel at Wings and he autographed two diecast aircraft of his “Old Crow” F105 and P39. I collect that stuff, which made me think, why not start calling the airport Auburn Airport, “Home of Old Crow,” still keep the KAUN/AUN designator. Then you could go hog wild and get a derelict P51D that’s sittin somewhere on a pylon as a gate guard, or better to find a F105 or P39. Or have all three made in a smaller scale out of Fiberglas and paint them as his “Old Crow” and place them as “gate guardians.” David L. Kauffman Jr., Auburn