Instead, build at Baltimore Ravine

Reader Input
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The city of Auburn is working on improvements to Old Town and Downtown to attract more tourist trade. Work continues in the Airport Industrial Park to entice new business. “Think Auburn First” is being promoted. As a possible solution to the Bohemia project, I would like to suggest the development of a retail/commercial park at Baltimore Ravine instead of residential units that would impact city departments such as public safety, library, recreation, wastewater plant and traffic. This retail park would be large enough to handle big box stores, a Trader Joe’s, a large grocery store, a food court and a possible small outlet center. The main entrance to the retail park could be off I-80, reducing traffic impact through neighborhoods. A secondary emergency exit could be established off Herdal Drive to be used by emergency departments and available for use if a problem developed at the main entrance way. Auburn could maintain its small hometown atmosphere, create new jobs and collect needed revenue for city coffers while maintaining our quality of life. Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively. Prepare financially for the future as if our town’s well-being depended on it. Ray Green, Auburn