Internet has a long memory

Reader Input
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Re: “FBI: Man who says he hacked Miley Cyrus arrested,” (Journal, Jan. 6). Kids have been putting their privacy at risk lately. They don’t understand that once you post something on the Internet, it stays there forever. Occasionally, when people apply for jobs, the person hiring will look up the applicant online and check his/her background. People have lost jobs because of the Internet’s lack of privacy. Celebrities have gotten bad reputations because of it, too. The Miley Cyrus incident is just another example. She was caught with bad photos on her e-mail. It’s unfair that people are nosy enough to invade privacy like that. But, I think Miley deserved it, in a way. She should have been more cautious and careful by keeping them off the Internet, especially a pop star like her. The Internet is a world-wide, public place and kids need to watch their privacy, because this is getting ridiculous! MICHELLE LEVINE, student, Auburn