Internet report discusses huge oil discovery in U.S.

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Kudos to Robert Wahl for his letter regarding the phony oil shortage, Your Views, June 24. For years I have heard rumors of the incredible strike on Gull Island, a sandbar about five miles off Prudhoe Bay. Half a dozen witnesses say the ground shook as oil blasted into the sky, creating a black mist that drifted for miles northward over the Arctic Ocean. No one had ever beheld such a sight. The government ordered it capped and swore everyone to secrecy. Folks, we are not talking about atomic secrets here. This is unbelievable wealth belonging to “We the people.” It rivals Saudi oil for sure and could be the richest oil field on Earth. These are proven reserves as a lot of wells were subsequently drilled in secret and ordered capped. Why was this information suppressed? Because it might disturb the caribou? That rings pretty hollow. The area allowed for development is about a 10-mile square out of thousands of square miles. There is a snake in the grass and it is about money. Really big money. So Americans get to pay absurd prices for foreign oil, money flowing from our pockets, out of the U.S., bringing us financial ruin, when we had our own oil all the time. If you’re upset about the prospect of paying $5 a gallon for heating oil this winter, you might want to check out, “The Energy Non-Crisis” by Lindsey Williams, a witness who defied the government and published the unimpeachable story with facts, figures, and yes, names. To learn more, see, Reformation,org Energy Non-Crises html,” a survivalist group in Washington state. This information must reach the general public. If you have ever done anything in life for your fellow man, and for your country, now is the time to get “mad as hell and not take it any more.” Let’s hold their feet to the fire this election year and demand accountability, and access to our own oil now! Fred Colburn Meadow Vista