Invest in gold and silver

Reader Input
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For all of you out there that are unhappy with the national debt, I want you to consider a few things. For starters, that money is never going to be paid back, ever. Governments the world over are going belly-up left and right and all of that debt is going to be defaulted on. And I say good riddance! Governments are nothing more than criminal organizations for specific geographical locations. Now, it’s true that central banks can create new money to paper over their debts, but that will only destroy the currency. Once the currency gets rejected in the marketplace, getting paid back in that currency becomes totally worthless. What I’m trying to say is that investing your savings in government bonds is a terrible mistake. Sure, you might never lose nominal value with bonds, but you’ll definitely lose real value, and that’s all that counts. You’re better off putting your savings into something that has maintained its value for thousands of years, physically owned gold and silver. Let those other fools who think the government will make good on their promise buy bonds that are total junk. They’ll end up losing everything while you end up sitting pretty. Seth King, Bowman