Invest in teachers, not bureaucracy

Reader Input
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Re: “$1.8 million in cuts could take toll on Auburn school district,” (Journal, Jan. 28): I was a principal in private schools for 13 years and I have a great respect for teachers, however, I take issue with over-bloated bureaucracies and what I would call “union-driven” educational philosophy. While small classes and lots of fancy computers and new textbooks (another racket, with a new “must have” edition out every year — how did our grandparents ever learn to read?), are nice “like-to-haves,”we must live within our means. The most important element of education that we can impact is the hiring and managing of well-prepared and motivated teachers. Pay them well and give them the best leaders (not bureaucrats) we can find. Invest in our teachers and you will find they can do wonders (and many do). I found this to be the key, when I was a principal, even when the parents were not always the most exemplary citizens. We managed to teach the children in our care to read, write and do arithmetic, and to have respect for each other. That’s really all we are trying to do in school. It’s not rocket science. I applaud all those good teachers out there who really live their vocation with heart. You won’t hear them giving excuses. Tom Huckins, Auburn