Investigate college debacle

Reader Input
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Re: “College must distinguish wants, needs,” by Joann Geist (Reader Input, Feb. 7). What we are seeing in the Sierra College class deficit debacle is just management’s warmed-over progressive’s tea. That may be one hidden agenda. The emerging thought that something is just not right strikes the voter’s raw nerve about a campus management investigative reporting transparency, as recently suggested by Aileen Kader (Reader Input, Feb. 7). The Journal has the staff and the skills needed. The tax slaves are now stirring uncontrollably seeking measurability of Sierra management performance. Making nice out of the campus experience may be one goal separate from paying the ever due rent in the real world. Learning a much needed and a productive employable skill or starting a business to fill a need can be quite another goal clearly not in line with management’s. All of the rest of the campus life experiences including spectator sports can be quite exciting and rewarding for the community, but it is not the main career course being served up by industry. Be that fun as it may, the core result of the campus experience always comes down to increasing income at graduation. All of this budget deficit exposure calls for a deep investigative Roto-Rooter examination. A fresh campus tea party, anyone? BOB SEIDLITZ, Auburn