Iowa handles its trash better

Reader Input
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It seems like once a month the Auburn Journal prints something about trash dumping. Why don’t they give it a rest? You, the readers, know we see trash everywhere. No matter how many pictures you put in the Journal, it’s not going to stop the trash dumping. Read this slowly. You have a man and wife with two kids. They have a house payment, car payment, insurance, clothes, utilities, car gas bill, etc. The grocery bill for a week is less than a trip to the dump. There is no money left to go to the dump. Nowadays, there is no way to save money. In the Midwest there are free dump sites paid for by the taxpayers. Property owners pay a little more each year to keep the county trash-free. Someone told me in Iowa or some states the penalty is a $1,000 fine for first offense. County jail prisoners are dressed in stripes and they clean, cut weeds and do not need to “work out” to stay in shape. If anybody wants to see a dump site, drive Canyon Way to Colfax. As soon as McDonald’s and Taco Bell came to Colfax our trash has tripled on our roads around Colfax. In Iowa they charge you extra for the can when you buy beer and you get your nickel back when you return the can. You never see cans along the roads. KNIGHT WAGNER, Colfax