Issue is budget, not pensions

Reader Input
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The article, “Placer’s $100,000 pension club” (Journal, Aug. 1) is a personalized hit piece bordering on slander. Nowhere in the article is evidence any of the retirees did anything unlawful. While employed, they performed their duties as required; then retired under the guidelines, rules and contracts agreed to by Placer County executives’ personal service contracts, and/or union contracts at no time deemed to be unlawful. Publishing the names and photos of the 21 retirees is an invasion of their privacy. If the Journal really wished to inform the citizens of Placer County, it would have investigated the conditions that led to the contracts and formulas that resulted in retirement incomes exceeding $100,000. That would have required investigative hard work. It was easier to emotionalize the issue without providing any enlightenment. The issue is out-of-control county budgets. Investigate the underlying causes! Example: “prevailing wage” law costs the state and counties some $12 million per day in inflated costs, over $4 billion per year. That would expose sweetheart union contracts that greatly impact retirement incomes, and no liberal politician or liberal media outlet willingly does that! Willard F. Schmehl, Cool