Issue guest worker IDs to solve immigration issue

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Solving the illegal immigration problem: The solution is simple. Have employers who want to have any immigrant work for them, ask the federal government to issue the immigrant a guest worker ID and ID card that contains the employer name and address. Note that it applies to legal immigrants as well as illegals. Then if the guest workers or any member of the family receives taxpayer-derived funds or service from any source, that source bills the employer for the amount received or for the cost of the service provided. Thus medical bills, etc. are paid by the employer. If the child of a guest worker attends a public school, the state sends a monthly bill to the employer for the standard monthly pupil cost. In addition, the employer must pay the employee at least the minimum wage, or what is now being paid if more. Any immigrant not receiving a guest worker ID and not a member of a guest worker's family must leave the country. Children born to illegal immigrants must have their citizenship revoked and then never granted in that case again. Robert Wahl Auburn