It’s beginning to look a lot like Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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My heart goes out to all my fellow Americans this holiday season. The impotent Democrats cannot even pass legislation voters overwhelmingly support. Pathetic Republicans have no better plan than to make (President Barack) Obama look bad so they’ll have half a chance in 2012 with the group of circus clowns they have vying for their nomination. Any random group of tent campers could occupy D.C. and outperform them all. While we’re at it, let’s occupy the new North Pole: Wal-Mart et. al. headquarters, because it’s beginning to look a lot like Wal-Mart … everywhere we go. Bad enough they use sex to sell deodorant, but plagiarize Jesus? Demand that they pay royalties to him for using his name to subvert his birthday into the economic orgy of the year … which doesn’t even benefit our economy much since tons of their inventory is made in China. Outlaw seasonal advertising until after Thanksgiving. Royalty checks would go for equal-time infomercials condemning their greed and calling for a return to the true spirit of the holiday. Keep it simple: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire fueled by corporate CEO bonus checks … and to all a good night. Jim Beall, Sr., Applegate